Interested in Eyebrow Embroidery? Know The Risks!

Eyebrow embroidery, Lips embroidery, as well as eyeliner embroidery are amongst the popular trends which get an increasing amount of popularity as of lately. Not only could you save a lot of money because you don’t have to spend them on constantly getting a new makeover from time to time, you also get the benefit of not having to worry about faded makeups that could ruin your appearance. Permanent makeup has become quite a hit nowadays. If we were to make a comparison, then you could say that getting a permanent makeup is like getting a tattoo. This method of makeover works pretty much the same way as tattooing, for it uses needlework in the process.

During the procedure, you would be sedated using anaesthetic to lessen the pain during the procedure. After that, the needle will be sown into the first utmost layer of our skin to embroider colours into it. You would need to repeat this procedure for about three months to get the best result. However, permanent makeup is not without its flaws, and although many women find themselves could be benefitted a lot by this procedure, but it does have its own side effects and therefore can pose quite a risk to people who decided to get one.

For instances, your skin could be allergic to foreign substances such as colour pigments that are injected into your skin. The side effects might appear after a long period has passed in getting your permanent makeup in forms of inflammation or other allergic reactions. As for the side effects of lips embroidery and eyebrow embroidery, Granuloma might be a potential threat to your health, Granuloma is a mass which is formed around the place where the pigment is planted. Keloid is also another risk known to be caused by the removal of permanent makeup. Not to mention, there is always a high risk of getting hepatitis C if the practitioner didn’t use sterile needles in doing the procedure.

Dermabrasion, laser treatment, and surgery might serve as a last resort if the something ever went wrong with the procedure of permanent makeup, but this too could leave traces of side effects such as scars and skin marks. Therefore, if you decided to get a permanent makeup, you should make sure that you choose trustworthy clinics that work under the supervision of aesthetician or dermatologist.



Dilemma on Make Up and Cosmetics

Particularly for women, Make Up & Cosmetics are two precious parts of their daily life. Almost all of them make use of cosmetics as well as make, with an attention of gaining perfection in beauty.

Negative and Positive Sides of Various Cosmetics

As we know, there are a lot of choices available in marketplaces when we are talking about cosmetics or/and make ups. To satisfy the high demand of women’s needs on them, huge number of manufacturers provides them with numerous products in wide range of selection. This fact is unavoidably beneficial, since the women can shop for cosmetics and make up wherever they are. On the other hands, it also becomes a caution that they have to be careful to select one of those many.


Safety is Number One

Sometimes it becomes a dilemma for women to choose among various levels of price offered. Actually, the first point women should question is not the price, but the safety of the products. In this case, you will need to consider the manufacturer and the ingredients of the cosmetics and make up products. The general quality representing safety in Make Up & Cosmetics products is that the manufacturer has got a license from legal institution which control the production and marketing of such products in a country.

Why Massage Therapy?

Many people would think that Massage Therapy is something luxurious which only gives relaxation. In fact, it is not. This kind of therapy does not contribute to the body’s relaxed condition, but far more than that.

The Advantageous Massage Therapy

Lying in bed or table under fresh and brusque sheet with aromatic scents and soft music playing; you already feel the peacefulness and relaxed atmosphere. It is the first thing you can get during massage therapy. As your body gets the pressure from massage movements, more and more advantages will be yours. If most people understand massage as an alternative to heal aches and pain, it actually can do more. For your information, various kinds of massage can heal simple to dangerous disease. Even Swiss massage is able to cure you from the terrifying cancer. Besides, it also helps you repairing the bad functions inside the body; such as enhancing your digestion system, blood circulation, etc.

No Stress with Massage

In addition to the treatment of poor physical condition; massage therapy can help you reducing and avoiding stress. With today’s competition and challenge, stress always haunts us. If you often deal with stressing situations, having Massage Therapy will be very helpful to get rid of stress and depression.

Selecting Perfumes and Fragrance

Perfumes and Fragrance are considered as two important components for your daily performance; whenever you go outside the house for working and doing other activities. They will bring more confidence as well as fresh scent coming making your nice appearance perfect.

Types of Fragrance and Perfume

There are numerous alternatives of perfume and fragrance that you can choose easily, according to your taste. Mainly, there are some basic fragrances as well as perfumes which most people love about:

·     Oceanic, with the scents influenced by sea things

·     Floral; which is loved mostly by women

·     Fougere, a strong fragrance most men would be keen  of it

·     Wood; which will bring the wood sensation and smell

·     Oriental; signed by clove, cinnamon, vanilla, and other spices

·     Green; cool scent suitable to accompany your outdoor activities

Tips to Buy Fragrance and Perfume

Firstly, it is better to take perfume or fragrance which scents you love the most; whether you like the strong or soft ones. To know it, you should test the product before purchasing.

Secondly, consider your personality. If you are a kind of lively or sporty person, something fresh or musky is good. The key point is that your choice of Perfume and Fragrance should represent who you really are.

The Best Anti Aging Tips For Woman

anti agingAs women, we’re always looking for the greatest anti aging tips for women. With all of the anti aging products and solutions available, it can become complicated. You will find many things we can do decide to try quit the aging clock! It is possible to maintain a healthy and younger look with regard to many many years. There are many women in their own Fifties, 60s as well as past the age of 70, who seem a lot younger compared to their years. I ‘m living proof that is proof that it’s feasible. So, what can you do to be one of the many who do retain which healthy and youthful look? Here are the best getting older tips with regard to women that I have discovered to have great results:

1. A Healthy Diet is great and is most likely one of the most important tips. We obtain the majority of of our anti-oxidants as well as essential vitamins from a diet of fresh fruits and veggies. These are adding nourishment to in order to the body as well as keep the skin from loose as well as becoming dry. We also require healthy fats, for example Olive Oil and Flaxseed Essential oil.

2. Drink a lot of water. This is essential. 6-8 glasses a day is usually recommended. Your skin cells need water, along with just about all of your own body. Water will help to keep your body moisturized. Without water your skin will not have the required anti-aging nutrients needed to make your own skin appear younger. Read the rest of this entry »

New Ideas for Men’s Hair Style in 2014

slicked back hairstyle1slicked back hairstyle2Trend is not only on fashion and makeup, but also on hairstyle. Each year brings new change in hairstyle for both man and woman. The latest men’s hair style in 2014 may not be much different from the style in 2013. However, some small change in men’s hairst

yle can bring a big change in the look. It brings a fresh look from just a tiny change in how you comb your hair. So, are you ready for the big change in your hair?

moderate quiff2The hairstyle trend in 2014 offers some new styles, while other styles are subtle changes from the previous trend. For formal event, the slicked back hairstyle will be a big trends. It’s the old style coming back with more casual touch. The main idea is to comb the hair back. It doesn’t matter if the end of the hair is not perfect, as long as the hair on top is perfectly slicked back then, you are ready to go. Another men’s hair style in 2014 is the moderate quiff, showing a longer hair at the front locks and shorter in other sides. For classic look, you can use hair gel pomade and use blow dryer to style your front hair. Meanwhile a casual look of this hairstyle can be done by cutting the under layer and sides hair very short, close to the head.

crown haircutFor curly hair, the roman warrior style can easily suit to the hair texture. It’s trendy, yet casual at the same time. For another casual haircut is the crown haircut. The short, clean cut with only hair on the crown that get a little bit fuller than the other other side. New men’s hair style in 2014 can be an inspiration for keeping a fresh look in this year. Get more inspiration and do the change on your hair.

Use Beauty News 2014 to Create a Fabulous Performance

beauty trends 2014fat freezing procedure











If you have finally got your fashionable clothes, you will need to start thinking about your skin and hair because these two things play an important role in creating your performance. In order to have a fabulous performance, you should have beautiful yet healthy skin. As a matter of fact, the condition of your skin determines the beauty of your skin. If you want to have beautiful skin, you should have healthy skin. Based on this fact, you have to treat your skin appropriately and wear suitable make up. If your skin treatments and make up products are suitable with your skin, your skin will improve significantly.

To know ways to treat your skin or to choose right make up products, you will need to know Beauty News 2014. Basically, such news gives you various kinds of information related to beauty. You will not only know brand new beauty treatments in 2014 but also know the most popular hairstyles in 2014. These days, many beauty centers have offered many kinds of beauty treatments in order to help people achieving their desired skin condition. According to Beauty News 2014, a woman who wants to undergo an anti aging treatment can choose fat freezing procedure as this is one of new beauty treatments in 2014.  This new beauty treatment is a cutting edge procedure as it can give a maximum result using less invasive procedure. Meaning to say, women can have their wrinkle free face with a painless treatment.

Then, people can use Beauty News 2014 to get information about make up trend 2014 including eyelids trend. Creating unique yet beautiful eyelids becomes the expectation of most women. If they know what eyelids are in trend now, they will have more idea to create their fabulous performance. So, if you want to always have a fabulous look, you can simply use information from beauty news.


Jewelry Care and Cleaning Guide: How To Care and Protect Your Jewelry

Celebrating a Special Occasion with Jewelry!

Jewelry Care means being careful, how you store and and clean it!

How to care and protect Jewelry?

If your jewelry has value to you, it is valuable enough for you to want to take care of it. Jewelry Care means being careful you do no lose it as well as being careful how you store and clean it.

When you buy jewelry, any jewelry, from the most expensive fine jewelry to inexpensive costume jewelry, you buy it because it is beautiful. The gleam of the metal and the shine or luster and fire of the gems appeal to your aesthetic sense of beauty, based on what you can afford. The better the jewelry, the longer you want to wear it, perhaps even for rest of your life, and the longer you want it to have that like new glow, although some metals and finishes attain a warm patina with wear. What you don’t want, however, is scratched or gouged settings and dull gems. Accidents can happen, but all too often the jewelry is damaged by carelessness or not taking the few moments necessary to tend to the jewelry. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple yet Elegant Hairstyles in Paris Fashion Week 2013

When we come to a fashion show, we often pay attention to the outfit made by the well-known designers. In fact, the outfit is not always being the concern. There are some parts that attract our attention. The accessories can also be the example. But, the most eye catching impression might be the hairstyle.  The variety of hairstyle shows the uniqueness that we can follow. Some attractive head accessories can catch the attention of the audiences.  Going to Paris Fashion Week 2013 does not only offer you the latest fashion trend because this show brings the latest hairstyle trend and best hairstyles from Paris Fashion Week 2013. In this show, there are plenty of hairstyles created by the professional hair stylist. Those easy and simple styles can be the inspiration for women at any occasion.

Here are best hairstyles from Paris Fashion Week 2013  that can inspire you:

1.  Headband

It is such a simple way to get your hair more stylish by applying headband. The way to make it more attractive is easy. Just divide your line hair in the center into two and get a ponytail. Divide your hair to the back of your ear. Let the rest of your hair be in front of your ear. Put your headband between those divided hairs.  This style can be applied for any kind of occasion as it is simple and easy to wear.

2.  Ponytail with Ribbon

A ribbon is identical with oldish hair accessory. It is usually used when you were childhood. This perception can be broken in Paris Fashion Week as one of the well-known designers is successfully create it into a luxury style. You can also imitate it by placing a bright ribbon to your ponytail. Just let your ponytail loose to create a vintage style.

3.  Metallic accessory

The creation of applying metallic accessories can be your idea. Place it to your hair line will improve the exoticness of your look. The shining gold shows the elegance and feminine style.

Those best hairstyles from Paris Fashion Week 2013 are very simple to be followed. The accessories are also easy to get. Applying those hairstyles will improve your look to be more stylish.


Emotionally Anti Aging Recipe

Here are some Anti Aging tips that are easy to apply. They will not make you spend a lot money. You can do it yourself wherever are.

Avoid Negative Emotions

Are you familiar with the saying, “Easy to get angry, easy to get old.” It can be true and it not only can be with anger but it can be also with other negative emotions. Have you ever seen a man or woman that is desperate? Look at her or his face, you can find more wrinkles on the face. Isn’t that an awful look? Look at the way he or she reacts or walks, you can see his or her spiritless motion. Don’t you know that young people is identical to their high spirit? Let your age number increase every year but do not let your spirit decrease. The emotions in our mind influence our look. Avoid negative emotions by thinking the good out of the bad things that may happen in our every day life. Remember, emotions affect motions.

Be Grateful

To be grateful is a must to be practiced to stay young every day. And it starts to work when we accept what we have. Like a saying says, “All you need is what you have.” Possession and belonging of what we want do not guarantee that we will be satisfied. It’s ourself that set our own satisfaction. Let’s just think what we need and not what we want. Then, be grateful for it. It’s not a really hard to apply, right? So, those are our simple Anti Aging recipe.

Selecting the Right Beauty & Personal Care

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients in Beauty & Personal Care is essential for your skin. There are many ancient princess or queen in the past that, as we know, used fully traditional ingredients for their skin and health. The modern day’s products really offer instant and convenience. But, there are some ready to use beauty and personal care products use natural ingredient in their recipe. Look for information on the box or the package. Or if it is not provided, call their customer service to get clarification. Joining a mailing list or a Facebook group that is still related to beauty and personal care is also good to get information and to ask questions if you are still doubts. There are people who will happily answer or give information.

Avoid Products That Contain Dangerous Chemical Substances

Educate your self a little bit about chemistry and biology. Try to understand the way they work in your skin and what is the long effect of their usage. Research the substances in the product that can cause an allergic effect to your skin. Lastly, make a list of products that have been banned to be sold for they contain dangerous material.

There are some products that is available in the market that were imported illegally and were not certified by the country where you reside. Some people may try to sell them cheaply for you. Well, I’m not saying that they must contain dangerous chemical substances, it’s just that it has been tested. So, in my opinion, do not take risk for your own health. Our ultimate intention with the usage of Beauty & Personal Care products is to stay fresh and healthy. We surely do not want to harm ourselves.

Set Some Fashion Trends

The Definition of Trend

According to, the word trend means, “The general direction in which something tends to move.” So, Fashion Trends can be defined as the general directions or styles that tend to be followed by people. Here we can see, a fashion can be said as a trend when many people like to wear particular styles of clothes. It is what people regard as good and cool. When talking about trend, we talk about followers and person who inspire them. When talking about inspiration, we touch the so many field. Here is usually where people are divided in their styles of clothings.

Let’s Set Some Fashion Trends

As described, to set some fashion trends of our own, we need to find some inspiration that would inspire people’s heart and manifest it or associate it with our clothing. Give a look at the geeky fashion that long time a go was looked as “below the line.” But today, as technology becomes more involved in our every day life, many people want to be look smart. One of the easy ways to look smart according to them is simply by imitating the geeks’ way of dressing (of course there will be always ways to differentiate the looking smart-people and real smart-people 😀 ). Well, I’m not saying that following a fashion trend simply means we are less smart-people, no!

The second thing we need is the courage. When we have the courage to inspire, people will see other value in it, confident! Try to associate it also with other things like our personal or group abilities in any field, such as sports, music, art, science, or technology, in other words, be good at something and wear your fashion style, like Mr. Steve Jobs did. Isn’t it cool to leave our marks in this age’s Fashion Trends?

Choosing Hairstyle

Is it your time to have a haircut? A lot of options for your new Hair Style are available. You can freely choose one of them or maintain the old look. Despite the various choices you have, it is necessary to consider several things to determine which one is the best for you.

Your Face Shape

This is the first thing to think about when you are about to have new haircut. There are numerous kinds of face shape; like oval, round, square, long, diamond, heart-shaped, and triangular.

The general rule in choosing hair style based on your face is picking out the opposite. You should not come up with a hair style similar to your face shape. For example: sharp angle hair style, wavy, or soft layered is suitable for those with square face.

Cover Flaw, Expose Strength

As a matter of fact, hair style is able to expose your good sides. On the contrary, it can also worsen your flaws. Therefore, you have to be careful in determining which haircut you are going to have. If you want to have your nice neck to be exposed, try short hair styles. Vice versa, if neck is part of the body you dislike, you can have long Hair Style.

What Makes Healthy Lifestyle

As more people are aware of their health, Lifestyle has now become the first thing they think about every day. An increasing number of people is now pursuing the healthy lifestyle, in order that they can avoid numerous diseases which possibly attack them.

What Makes a Healthy Lifestyle?

1.  Right diet

This is the first component of a healthy lifestyle. What you eat will affect how good your health is. Thus, it is important to have healthy daily menu; which can be composed of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc. in balance amount.

2.  Exercise

After diet menu, having regular physical exercise is the next important part. You do not have to allocate much time for exercising. The more significant thing is that you should do it regularly in the right way.

3.  Water consumption

Consuming enough water each day is another key to realize healthy lifestyle.

4.  Positive mental

Stress, depression, and other negative emotions are said to be the source of many diseases. Therefore, try to get rid of them as best as you can to have a perfect healthy lifestyle.

Be Consistent!

Above all, the most vital point in doing healthy Lifestyle is commitment; that you do all those habits and principle consistently for long period of time.

Simple Skin Care

Some people are reluctant to have Skin Care treatments due to the complicated steps and –more specifically—the high cost they must pay for it. The available skin care products are just the same; they often make your forehead wrinkled because of the high price.

Why Don’t You Try the Simple?

Frankly, Skin Care does not always refer to something expensive that you do in a salon or beauty center. In fact, you can save your money and time by doing simple skin care at home. Of course, you will need good enough knowledge on how to get healthy and beautiful skin.

Steps of Simple Skin Care

There are three main steps of simple skin care you can do:

·     Cleansing. Clean your skin regularly by using bar soaps, facial cleanser, or liquid cleanser. Each of them has its own character and effect for your skin, so, you must be able to pick out the one which is suitable for your skin type.

·     Moisturizing. The right moisturizer will help you to replenish and hydrate your skin, so that it will look smooth and soft.

·     Sunscreen. This simple Skin Care step protects your skin from direct sunshine containing X-ray and other components which may endanger and damage your skin.

Salon and Spa for Pregnant Women

Generally, women love having every relaxing beneficial Salon & Spa treatment. But when they are in the middle of pregnancy, they will commonly reduce the intensity; even they dismiss it for about nine months. Most of them are worried about the safety of those treatments; due to the procedure and the stuffs used during the treatments.

Are Those Spa and Salon Treatment Safe?

Massage, highlight, facial, and other spa and salon treatment are safe for normal women. What about the pregnant ones? The answer depends on the age of pregnancy and the treatments procedure. Some treatments are good in certain period of pregnancy, but they may not be for different phase of pregnancy. For example, prenatal massage is considered terrible for those who are pregnant for 18 weeks or more. The position which causes pressure on the back all the time will not be good for them. Nevertheless, this kind of massage is still permissible if the procedure is safe enough like changing the position into the safer one.

What about Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is often used in many Salon & Spa treatments. Does it affect the baby or the pregnant women? According to several researches, aromatherapy does not correlate directly with the health of pregnant women. However, it is better to use the one which they enjoy. As we know, pregnant women tend to be more sensitive in fragrance and smell.

Considering Giving the Beauty Gift Sets

What kind of gift will be good enough for women? The answers will definitely become varied. There are so many options available but have anyone consider giving the beauty gift sets? Just as its name, the beauty gift will be a package of beauty products to be used by the gift recipients. The question now is what kind of beauty gifts will be appropriate enough? Honesty, any kind of beauty gifts can be appropriate to be given. There are various packages available from a set of makeup to the set of hand and nail care. Any of them will be good enough.

While choosing just any beauty gift sets will not be something bad, it will be even better to consider several things. Try to consider the brands of beauty products in one package. Some women have the particular brands they use regularly because they obviously feel satisfied with those particular brands. Try to check on the brands and find the beauty gifts to be given. This is a good thing to be done and the women who receive the gifts will be very happy. On top of that, the gifts will become very useful for the daily usage.

Aside of considering the particular brands of beauty gift sets; it is also wise to consider other things such as the package of the gifts. Most gifts will be wrapped in the special boxes. The boxes are good enough but some people want more than that. Don’t be worry. There are beauty gifts being put neatly in the special containers such as the special bags or maybe the metal boxes. The recipients of beauty gifts are mostly women for the obvious reasons. However, there is also beauty gifts meant for men. These beauty gifts are not as many as the ones meant for women but can be considered to be given to a man who care about his own appearance.

How To Manage Hair Extensions